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The Jewish Learning Exchange in Los Angeles offers a variety of programs, courses and lectures all year long. Please visit out site and write to [email protected] to receive updates on all our programs, Shabbat schedules and so much more.

We offer a series of classes for all level of Hebrew . Our new Crash Course Hebrew with Rabbi Czapnik starts November 1st. This class like many other classes is FREE. We are also accepting reservations for the High Holidays and hosting a series of programs and lectures, so make sure you email us your information  to stay in the loop.

The Jewish Learning Exchange is ran by our beloved Director Rabbi Avrohom Czapnik who has been our community leader for several decades in the central Hancock Park Area. Many prominent programs are presented at the Jewish Learning Exchange each year: the Tisha B’Av with the Chofez Chaim Foundation Fundraiser was an important program across the USA thanks to J.L.A. as well.

You may have heard of the June 10th accident that affected our building. Thanks to the community spirit, generosity and support of the community of members, we worked very hard to put our building and office back in order – just on the time for the High Holidays! Kuddos to all at J.L.E.!

In occasion of this event that somehow disrupted our summer, we initiated a Sefer Torah Fundraiser page. We invited you to support our non profit organization at the level that you want, buying and sponsoring a dedication for a Yahrzeit in memory of someone you love, or in remembrance of an important event, so that we may share it together on our walls, Here’s the link to the Sefer Torah Campaign. We couldn’t run all our free programs without your help!

If you are just visiting for Shabbat of looking for a meaningful experience for the High Holidays, make sure you contact our friendly staff at (310) 857-0923 for reservations and any information you may need.

We look forward to answer any and all questions!


The Jewish Learning Exchange
512 N. La Brea Ave.
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Inspiring & Thoughtful Jewish Experience in Los Angeles